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Mobile Phone Policy

While St. Patrick’s Comprehensive School accepts that it is a student’s right to have a mobile phone/smart watch/ personal media player, the following policy aims to maintain a safe, nurturing environment where the personal dignity and rights of all the members of the school community are preserved. In order to assist the school in implementing this policy, parents/guardians are asked not to arrange to contact students by mobile phone at any time during the school day. Contact with the school may be made through the office at 061 361428 and students are directed to use the office phone in emergencies.

a)      Where a student brings a mobile phone/smart watch/personal media player to school, the device must be switched off and kept in a locker during the school day (08.55-15.20/16.00) and may not be used for any purpose on school premises or grounds.

b)      Students found in contravention of a) will have the device confiscated for 1week. A second offence will result in the device being confiscated for 1 month.

c)      No photographs can be taken or recordings, video or audio, made with electronic devices. Using devices in such a way can seriously infringe on people’s rights and appropriate sanctions may be imposed.

d)      Incidents where students use electronic devices to bully other students or send offensive messages or calls will be investigated under the Anti-Bullying policy. It should be noted that it is a criminal offence to use an electronic device  to menace, harass or offend another person. As such, the school may consider it appropriate to involve the Gardai in such incidents.

e)      The school accepts no responsibility for replacing lost, stolen or damaged mobile phones/smart watches/personal media players. The safety and security of mobile phones/smart watches/personal media players is wholly a matter for students / parents.

f)        It is strongly advised that students mark their mobile phones/smart watches/ personal media players with their names and use passwords to ensure that unauthorised phone calls cannot be made on their phones.







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